About Scary Mommy Nation


Looking for a way to showcase your business and help a great cause? Welcome to the 2014 Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project.

Scary Mommy, one of the most popular online parenting destinations is more than just a humorous look at motherhood; our community has a heart. Now in its fourth year, The Thanksgiving Project’s goal is to ensure that every member of the Scary Mommy community is able to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday along with her loved ones, without the stress of how to put food on the table looming over her head.

“We weren’t planning on having a Thanksgiving dinner at all this year, so when I was able to receive help, I felt like I’d won the lottery. I cried tears of joy ripping into the envelope and vowed at that moment to pay it forward. This year, I have a job and am able to contribute to someone else’s meal. Doing that was one of the proudest moments of my life.”

“Without the Scary Mommy community, we would have spent Thanksgiving evening eating noodles and maybe, if we were lucky, a half chicken from Boston Market. But thanks to the generosity of complete strangers, I was able to prepare a turkey, stuffing, side dishes, pies and more with enough leftovers to make soup and sandwiches for days. The meal was so much more than a meal, though. It was proof to me and my family that people really do care, there is good in the world and that we would be ok, at a time when we were doubting all of those things. I’ll never adequately be able to express my gratitude, but I will say again, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.”

“There are no words for the relief you have brought to my family. Knowing that there are people in this world who want to bring happiness into the lives of strangers has changed not only my holiday, but my outlook on life. From my family to all of yours, thank you.”   

The Scary Mommy website receives an average of 15 million visitors a month with over 815,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter alone. The Thanksgiving Project (part of Scary Mommy Nation, a 501(c)3 non-profit,) has garnered international attention, appearing on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, the home pages of Yahoo, MSN, Huffington Post and countless other national media outlets.

We are striving to make 2014 our biggest and best year ever, but we can’t do it alone. At this time, we are looking for the below partnerships, and, of course accepting donations of any amount.

• $5000 tax-deductible donation. We’ll thank you with inclusion in the 2014 Scary Mommy Holiday Gift Guide For Good, a shopping guide posted and promoted on scarymommy.com throughout the holiday season. (Includes social media amplification on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.)

• $3500 tax-deductible donation. We’ll thank you with sidebar advertising, during the month of November or December. (300 x 250 spot, includes social media amplification on Facebook and Twitter. Both months for 6K.)

• $500 - $3499 tax-deductible donation. We’ll thank you in a blog post (Includes social media amplification on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.)

Gold Level: $2501 – $3499: Features your logo, a paragraph about your business (including all social media handles,) and a tweet about your company.
Silver Level: $1001 – $2500: Features your logo, a paragraph about your business and social media handles.
Bronze Level: $500 – $1000: Features your company logo, and a sentence about  your business.

For more information, please contact julie@scarymommynation.com.

Interested in receiving help? Applications will open on October 15. Please check back then!