About Scary Mommy Nation

Thank you for visiting Scary Mommy Nation, binary sign up the charitable arm of Scary Mommy. With the help of the Scary Mommy community, we’ve raised nearly $400,000 and provided almost 7,000 Thanksgiving meals over the last three years. The kindness and generosity of this community knows no bounds.

While managing this fundraiser has been a privilege and an honor, its growth has been so significant that it no longer is feasible to operate on our own. Delivering to you relevant content that is funny, thought-provoking and authentic has always been our key focus, and so in the name of continuing to meet this objective, we will no longer be able to sustain the Thanksgiving fundraiser and are therefore shuttering our 501c3 charitable entity.

The folks at Scary Mommy will always remain committed to helping and supporting one another. After all, this is a community built upon compassion and empathy. To that end, we will continue to contribute to others’ efforts to end hunger, and to look for ways to help make the expense of the Holidays less stressful for parents who are part of our binary options trade investment Scary Mommy family.

There are many organizations that share Scary Mommy Nation’s mission to help families put a holiday meal on the table, regardless of financial situation. Here are some who offer nationwide help, whether you’re looking to give, or to receive:

Feeding America: www.feedingamerica.org
United Way: www.unitedway.org
Salvation Army: www.salvationarmyusa.org

Thank you for supporting Scary Mommy Nation. Here’s to many how to invest in binary trading happy holidays to come.